Reminders not working

Hi Team.

I have enabled birthday, work anniversary and holidays reminders in ERpnext.

But it is not working. No reminders are getting to anyone. It used to work for sometimes and then stopped. Email setup is working as user password reset is working without any issues.

Any idea how can i fix it? Erpnext version is 15. I have checked email queue from awesome bar and no log there.


Thank you in advance.

Hi @Jithin_K_T
Have you set a condition in the Notification?
Please check it

Thank You!

@Mohammadali, there’s no need to set up notifications for birthdays, work anniversaries, and holiday reminders. They are sent automatically at 12:00 AM.

@Jithin_K_T, please check if the scheduler is enabled. If it’s not enabled, please enable it and check again.

We recently tested this, and it’s working correctly.

@NCP Perfect !

So is this the command?

bench --site sitename enable-scheduler

Also, how can i see current status of scheduler?

Please go to the RQ Job and check the status.

It is inactive. So run this command or let me know ? bench --site sitename enable-scheduler

yes, migrate the site and check the status

@NCP Great. So. I need to do below. Please confirm.

bench --site sitename enable-scheduler
bench --site sitename migrate

Yes … !

@NCP I have done that. But still it shows inactice on GUI. However, new jobs are showing up now.

Is this correct or something else need to be done?

ok i got it. I have disabled pause_scheduler is enabled(1), try to disable(0) it . and restarted. It worked.

Waiting to trigger reminders ahead.

@NCP Thank you very much for the prompt reply and guiding right direction. You rock always !