Remove all data (customer, supplier, product) for new install?

Hi all,

During wizard setup, I am force to enter the customer, supplier and product.

After setup, it will create opportunity, etc.

How could I remove all of them? As you can see here, it has assigned the sequence number 1, 2, 3 which is not applicable for my case.

I tried this approach and it didn’t help.

I need a fresh erpnext install with 0 data. Can I bypass this or make it worked?


Are you using your own ERPNext server or you are on subscription?

own server :slight_smile: can that be done?

Sure. Have you tried deleting your company from Accounts?

Can’t delete as i got an error

Cannot delete or cancel because Company ABC Pty Ltd is linked with Task TASK00001

Try bench --site {sitename} --force reinstall


well, this restart all over again which i need to go thru the wizard again. I just want to delete customer, supplier, etc… so when i create a new record, the sequence will start from 1. no ways to bypass the wizards :frowning:

You can export your masters data and restore it with fresh install .

not sure what you mean by masters data…

i have a new company, but i want to start from 0 (as the install wizard forces me to enter a customer, supplier, product which in return generates 3 opportunities, etc). I want to remove all of them. As my new company has no customer or supplier yet, no point i add any now.

@ericmachine88 In company master you have the option to delete all transactions regarding particular company

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I tried that option, didn’t work either.