Remove Auto Creation and Auto Deletion of HR Doctypes on the Project Doctype plus separate Doctypes for Creation of Employee Contracts on the Contract Doctype

I hope ERPNEXT can consider separating a doctype of automatic creation of the following since Human Resource documents and records are a confidential documents and much better to have a separate list view of these records. I have Listed down some Doctypes below.

  1. Creation of Contracts – is it possible to remove already the creation of employee contracts under the doctype Contract of the CRM? So that there will be a doctype of contracts specifically for HR module only. And HR can also create other types of contracts on it.
  2. Employee Onboarding and Employee Separation are both very helpful doctypes. However, there are some concern about it. See the below:

a. You cannot revise the doctype because it is linked to the project doctype which also automatically deletes the task and project entries. And this will lead on a missing naming series because it was deleted
b. It is better to have a separate same project module for the HR so that the tasks and the onboarding or separation task will no longer be encoded and on the Project module. The Project Manager also do not need to see the tasks of the HR team because it is not related to any project based on the customer

If you have any other suggestions please add it here so that ERPNEXT founders and developers can see it.

I am not a developer so custom scripts or any modifications are hard for us. And these are some doctypes I think should be modified or unlike to other doctypes already.

ERPNext: v13.35.2 (HEAD)

Frappe Framework: v13.35.1 (HEAD)

Frappe Cloud

The cancelled employee onboarding cannot be amended because the amended document cannot be linked twice on a job applicant even though the previous employee onboarding was already cancelled.