Remove chart of accounts

Hello! I do them a question about how to delete a chart of accounts than manually one by one.

For example, a chart of accounts with 700 accounts and many parents and children where I always throw a message containing children when deleting the list display form.

I could erase all children with a filter, but for example I have folders were 100 parents and is also impossible to eliminate one by one.

Is something missing here? any way to do this?

Also look around the forum and saw no way to boot up with a chart of accounts blank well (this would solve my previous problem when I make a new instance in any case)

Thank you very much!

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I need this too, Did you find a way to do it?

hi @Mohammed_Redha , I did not find a way, so I had to delete everything one by one.

Very tedious because of the fact that you have to go with the explorer on the subject that the son depends on a father, etc.


I did this by deleting sql table.
Then you just have to save your company in accounting module, and the chart is created again based on your json file.