Remove "draft" from print of sales invoice

Need direction to remove draft from Sales invoice when printing saved (not submitted) invoices.

Create new one is only way -

check this link - Print format

Thanks for your quick response @Sangram. Alternatively is it possible to allow sales invoice to be submitted without adding SINV-00001**-1** at the end?

don’t cancel and amend the form. Instead, cancel and create a new one or duplicate. It gives you plain series
like SINV-0002, SINV-0003

Suppose I add SINV-0002 and cancel. Unfortunately on creating new document it takes SINV-0003.
It is not editable.


What? form or name? Name is not editable but you can edit the form until it is in Draft state

Yes, the name. How can I make that editable?

What is your use case?

Check Renaming a Document

We send items with invoice to our customers, but a lot of times the invoice needs to be amended as the weight that reaches the customer may vary a little. Now we are to edit the invoice and submit.
Ideally amendment number is a great way of tracking but could lead to unnecessary harassment by authority and mismatch in submissions.

Lot’s of discussion already done on it. Have look ,

Hi! @LifeP try to custom your print format.

@LifeP Create a new thread for naming rather than bunching multiple things in a single thread.

The correct/easy way to remove “Draft” from your Sales Invoices is to actually go to Print Settings and uncheck “Always add Draft Headings for Printing Draft Documents” - no custom print formats needed Settings (there are no permissions in the demo, so change host to your own erpnext instance)


Thanks @felix. Will take care about the bunching.
@Sangram Appreciate the help provided. Don’t know how I skipped that thread. Will discuss on the mentioned thread for the other issue.
Please close this thread.