Remove "Draft" word in printing from some documents

Hello, I’m using ERPNext to print some documents and I check the choice to add “Draft” Heading for printing draft documents. However, in some documents like Quotation, I don’t want the “Draft” word to be shown.

Is there a way to remove it without unchecking the option from the print settings?

@Mohsin1990 you can redesign the print format the way you like it . if you can do html an jinja . use print formats to do it

Microsoft Word uses watermarks to mark documents as drafts. When you insert a draft watermark, it is applied to each page and printed with your document. You cannot access the watermark directly on your page to remove or edit it. In order not to destroy the beauty of the picture, we usually use the remove watermark tool when processing the picture. If you want to know how to have a great templates for you portfolio in google slides, you can find if at There are several ways to get rid of the watermark, which you can find on Google.