Remove "Explore" Module Access to Users

Everyone knows, ERPNext is very Deep Ocean. But, Every the Rulers Sharks(Administrator), shouldn’t grant privillages to hunt in their Area. Wheather It’s Manager or Just Sales Representative or whatever.

Features already developed at ERPNext, But issues is “Explore” Module. It’s key, you know. Open the door whatever you want’s to do. Even Granting permission & customizing module access feature doesn’t helping here.

One of Contributor also reported this as well.

and a Brother also repoted same with screenshots. Here it is:

I’m also going to do same. Instead, @rhmehta commented on putting it as Github Issues. Is the problem resolved? Or any options to do that.

I mean, Why I would love to access module of production while I’m on Education module or vice-versa.

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Only assign roles that a user needs. That takes care of everything.

Its not taking effect, i.e. why raised concern !! Any guide to do so?

if its not working for you, show screenshots/gifs of your problem. Show the user, their assigned roles, and then show the screen where they have access to something they shouldnt have access to.

You can hide Explore icon for particular role .for this you need do changes in core code.
do changes in desktop.js file.


This is silly. If we can choose modules to show we should be able to shut them off. If we can turn off all roles, we should be able to then see no permissions visible. If we turn off all access besides a few doctypes we should not have to manually turn off everything in “guest” role and “all” role. This is frustrating to no end. To give control to manage the experience but have lots of strange things hardcoded in. I created a module and only gave the permissions I needed to and yet my side menu has Contact/gender and salutations and HR and Website and Learn and Tools and on the web side there is RFQ’s and all sorts of things with no easy way to turn them off. Please clean this part up so it is clear to everyone how to turn things off or on quickly.


my side menu has Contact/gender and salutations and HR and Website and Learn and Tools and on

I agree - although users can and/or require permissions to other doctypes for linking of data, we should still be able to hide modules based on module access. Basically go with the minimalistic approach, if they don’t need it don’t show it…

I don’t agree with hiding the Explore access, as to be honest I would bypass the desk and go straight to the modules view each and every time. Also opening any doctype takes you to the modules view anyway…

It sounds like you are advocating for an even better idea and that is the option to turn off Desk all together which I think is something that should be done.

It adds no real value to the system over a clean side menu. I would prefer to be able to add views to a parent side menu like “Orders” that takes you directly to a Sales Orders list view. And simply allow the current side menu to be seen by administrative role only.

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@asharamseervi @joshreeder @OneiricIT I was having the same issue but To remove the icon so this is how to do it:

Go to frappe >> frappe >> core >> page > desktop >> desktop.js

in desktop js look for this line:
and comment it out as shown in the screenshot below


This worked like a charm. Thanks