Remove Feature Products in Homepage


I would like to know if we are able to remove the featured products in the erpnext homepage.

I just want to make blank if possible…cant find way to remove it in setting…


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You can uncheck the “Show in website” on Stock > Item and see if it meets your requirements

When i unchecked “Show in website” …It removed the item to be displayed on the homepage but it replace with product instead.

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you can set homepage from

or you can change home page to display some other page like login from
Frappe Cloud Settings’

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I couldn’t either. Seems the only option is to override the homepage so that it shows another custom page that you have created.


Yeap…create custom page is best solution…thanks guys

As an example website homepage this may be one option to start off and learn with:

Disclaimer: I have browsed but have not installed this app

Is creating custom page is only option ? After creating Custom page how to assign it as homepage ?

If you create your custom page in Website > Web Page and name it homepage then title and route → homepage and tick Published. In your Website > Website Settings set the Home Page to homepage and save. That should do it.

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perfectly worked. Thanks.

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you are more than welcome