Remove field from standard purchase order print form

Hello, all.
I am trying to remove the “Last Purchase Rate” column from the purchase order printed. For this I marked “Report Hide” and “Print Hide” in the Item->Customize Form->“Last Purchase Rate” field, but this didn’t help…
Is there any way to do this without programming?
Thanks a lot ahead.

You can customize your print format and can select whatever you want to show on printed document. Just hit customize button when you are in print preview of any document

Thank you, ushashmi.
This customization suggested me to create new print format.
I gave it my name and created it.
But I searched the help several hours and didn’t find how do I connect/link this new format to the PO form?
In other words, how do I call this new format created?
Thanks again for your advice.

Go to print format list and make your newly created format default

Open the purchase order as if to edit. Click on print icon upper right next to Menu or Menu , Print. With the print preview open, click on Standard upper left next to Language box and select your customized purchase order from the list.