Remove link options

How to remove/hide link options from upload form?

Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 12.54.08 PM

Hi @mohsininspire,

Path is here,

Thank You!

You mean Remove this code then after bench build?

If you want, then check it.

Suppose, I don’t bench build then is it works?

When you remove the code then automatically effect on form.
Do not need the restart/migrate/build bench.

We already try, don’t worry about it.

If try on the live server then please first take a backup.

Thank You!

I remove this code but not working.

Please check the video.

My side properly worked. when you save the file, then automatically page will reload.

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My server is in production mode.

Hmm :thinking:,

Then you can use

bench build

and check it.

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When I do bench update or bench update --reset, does the modification go away or stay?

Hi @msiam,

If you will change the code in the base and then use bench update --reset then the modification will reset.
Be careful.

Thank You!