Remove name from the list view


How can I remove “name” field in the list view?


For the Name field, uncheck “In List View”. What is the primary id for this doctype?


I did not create name field so I cannot uncheck it in “In list View” and the value is populated by frappe. Primary key is name and is set automatically by frappe. Any idea how to remove the name field to in list view?

@ccfiel set a Title Field (device name) in the DocType

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@rmehta I tried your suggestion but it did not work nothing happens but I change the title field custom form of the device something happen the name field went to the right most part

Is this normal?

@ccfiel yeah thats standard behavior

If you want to hide the field, add a device_list.js file and set a property hide_name_column: true like: frappe/file_list.js at develop · frappe/frappe · GitHub


@rmehta thanks it works! :slight_smile:

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