Remove name series from link field

hello ,
I hava link field and I want to remove name series

in this case I want to remove Del.##### and put something else



  1. Go to Respective DocType ,where this link field is available
  2. open that doc type.
    3.Scroll down page.
  3. there is "Naming " section ,you can enter series which you want inside “Auto Name” text field
  4. For reference you can click on “Naming option” link where you can see how to give series.
    6.and save form

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

in case we use third party delivery men, so we can add them as contracted employes under a group, how to add them in the options field…



  • if your Filed type is “Data” then you cant give anything in “Options” .
  • if you want to link any field then for that field Master should be created
    For example- Item , Customer
  • And your “Delivered By” field is not Master,it is simple data field.

Shraddha Ranjane

thanks ,
but what i don not want to remove naming series from db
I want to remove from custom field view

there is my code

	         var me = this;
	  this.deliveryman_field = frappe.ui.form.make_control({
		df: {
			"fieldtype": "Link",
			"label": "deliveryman",
			"fieldname": "deliveryman",
			"placeholder": "Deliveryman"
		parent: this.wrapper.find(".delivery-man"),
		only_input: true,
	this.deliveryman_field.$input.on("change", function() {
			me.frm.set_value('deliveryman', this.value);

Linked fields have to be linked by their primary key, so you cant remove the name. You can have an additional fields to copy over properties.