Remove Search Filter

As you see in the given screenshot… i want to remove this filter from every doctype.
How do i can remove this filter and column section???

That would require code changes, it can be done using jQuery or you can disable it through out also from



Can you please give me the page.js path???



In which part of this page.js need to change codes??? I can’t find anything like search bar/filter to remove from this page

It hides entire upper section, it is better to do using jQuery by writing some common fun which will be executed for all list views.

@Sayem_NazTech, in V12 this is possible.
You are currently working on which version of ERPNext and Frappe?

I m using ERPNext Version 11

  1. Clear default search filter and click Search button to get all data.
  2. Clear Default Search filter again
  3. The page will remember the last search value you selected