Remove Section from Main View of Stock module

I need to build an ERP for a textile organization. The process of the organization is quite simple, the idea is to manage product stock, purchases, sales and production orders.

ERPNext already has implemented much of the functionality I need. The problem is that within that functionality there are many things that I do not need and I would have to remove. For example inside Stock module I would like to delete the Serial number and batch of a Product. I know that I can edit forms and remove unused fields but I don’t know if I can remove Serial No and Batch section of this view:

My doubt is if I should create a new application with the functionality I need or adapt erpnext removing what does not fit. I know it is a good practice to build a new application instead of modifying an existing one but if I make a new application I will end up doing things that are already in ERPNext.


You can use roles and permissions to not give users access to what they don’t need.

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