Remove side bar in webform

Dears i need to remove the existance side bar
for this site (

			My Account

			Request for Quotations
			Examination Schedule

thanks a lot

Also i need to put

cancel submit

in the end of the page


Please find the file which generates sidebar for that you described in the screenshot.

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thx alot dear

is there a nother way
because if i edit in the default and then we update frappe i think it will remove the customization am i right ?

@sheno in the webform you have a option to set sidebar Items.[recently introduced] Hope that helps.


thx dear but i didnt see in my version

Frappe Framework
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Frappe Framework: v7.0.29
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@sheno Its in the latest version (develop branch). Either switch to develop branch or else wait for some days until we release.

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Under Website there is Portal Setting, disable the titles you do not want to show.

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Thx alot its great .

another question how we put

Cancle and submit in the end of the page not in the top

( ).

a lso i noticed
that will disable the side bar titles for all the web users

but is there a way to enable it for specific users and remove from others

so if any user come from the web can see sales order
while the other can see project so on .

It is not user based for now, but if someone does not have permission on doctype, they will not be able to see any content, sidebar will be there though.

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Thx a lot for clearifying