Remove the cog wheel?

As mobile screen real estate is precious, is this a quick way to remove/hide this cog wheel? I know it will affect all tables, but I think we don’t need it as we can still edit each row of record.

Also, what does Editable Grid do?

Hi @charleslcso,

When disabling Editable Grid then the Edit option will not show in the child table which you select child table in customize form.

If you should wheel non-clickable apply it.

$(".col.grid-static-col.d-flex.justify-content-center").css("pointer-events", "none");

Thank You!

Hi @NCP , thank you again!

I unchecked the Editble Grid button, but this child table Contact Numbers still shows Edit button. I guess this is incorrect. Am I right?

Basically I want to remove the whole column… I thought unchecking the Editable Grid button will achieve that… may be not.

Need to figure out a better way.

Right but maybe it’s a bug.

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