Remove this info from the final print of invoice?

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2 things really.
I want to remove this highlighted area from the printed Sales Invoice as well as the UOM since I’m only doing services. A unit of measure looks a bit silly to me.

Is it possible to remove them with some built-in form builder/modification?

go to customize form and check the box print hide

That for, you should create a custom print format and set it according.

Thank You!

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ahh ok, have been able to remove the commission part which is great.
Is it possible to remove the UOM and just leave the number? I can’t easily see an option for that

Hi @aussiemartin,

Please go to the Sales Invoice Item Customize form and Go to the Stock UOM field

go to the end of customize form and enable it.

And print format side configures it like

Then reload and check it.


Thank You!

So very sorry, i feel like a dummy.
I can find the ‘Customize Form - Sales Invoice’ but I have no idea where I find the ‘Customize Form - Sales Invoice Item’.

I’ve looked in ‘Customize Form - Sales Invoice’ but can not see any reference to a Stock UOM field so I’m obviously lost.
Sorry, more pointing in the right direction would be truly great.
Again, sorry for not knowing my way around, just yet

Hi @aussiemartin,

Please check the video.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!


thanks heaps @NCP
My understanding is slowly growing lol