Removing an address for supplier

I, somehow, have two addresses entered for a supplier. 1 of them is my own companies address.
I can not find a way to remove this address.


Go address list. Filter it by giving the link name and you can delete the same. If it is connected to any transaction, you won’t be able to delete it.

Well when I tried to delete it, it said that it is connected to a purchase order.

If I can not delete it, can I at least hide it?

If not, this sounds like an issue to be resolved. People change addresses from time to time, and do not want the old address in their system like it is an active address. Or, I will have 4 address for a supplier, but only 1 is good.

Is there a way to at least make it “non-active” or not visible by me to the system when making a new PO?

You can disable the address if required. It is already available in the address document. Then it won’t show in transactions

Thanks for the confirmation that is can be disabled.

How can I do this?

Thanks again

Open the address in address list and you can see the option for disabling the same