Removing Help Drop down List

I want remove the Help dropdown list from the desk . For that i have deleted some code from navbar.html ,toolbar.js and conf.js which were required to do so .But when i did that , its doing fine on my local server but when i did that in the remote server its not behaving the way i want it to behave.
when i input bench build command its showing me an error in the toolbar.js file.If i put comma as it is in JSon format , still give this same error pointing the var variable.:

SyntaxError: Unexpected keyword ‘var’ (98:2)
94 :
95 : });
96 : }
97 :
98 : var $result_modal = frappe.get_modal(“”, “”);

By the way, my help drop down is only disabled right now but i want to fully remove it.Can you please anyone help me out?

After putting comma:


Please show us the code where you are getting this error, or the file name.

P.S. I would not recommend making such modifications, it will be a maintenance hell soon.

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Brother, i solved that problem, i actually forgot to delete two brackets . But the main problem still remains the same . The code is working fine in the local server but when i am doing changes in the remote server , i am not getting the same exact result that i am looking for. By the way, maintenance is not my concern right now as i am trying to understand the whole frappe mechanisms and how it works by modifying things.And end of the day , you must do what your boss says -_-

Brother, finally solved it.There was nothing wrong with my remote server configuration.Just had some simple mistakes during modifying the codes.By the way, Can you suggest me a way in which i can access my remote server codes from my local machines’s text editor? it will be very helpful for me.