Removing module icon from desktop

Hi there,

i’m trying to remove Meeting icon from desktop; added correctly into Tools adding file:

def get_data():
    return [
            "label": _("Tools"),
            # "icon": "octicon octicon-briefcase",
            "items": [
                    "type": "doctype",
                    "name": "Meeting",
                    "label": _("Meeting"),
                    "description": _("Prepare agenda, invite users and record minutes of a meeting."),

Removed from config folder inside meeting app and removed *.pyc as well …

Frappe version 7.1.0-beta

What i’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Might be because you have a Tools icon under frappe as well. Try with a difference name.

@neilLasrado sorry, not getting the point.

I’d like to remove the meeting module icon from the desk.

I’ve removed from module config folder and all *.pyc files …but icon still appear on desk.

What should be done to remove completely?

Any help appreciated, thx in advance

@JoEz Can you please check ‘Desktop Icons’ doctype inside frappe and try removing the record for Meeting icon.

@neilLasrado thx for the hint, i’ve removed all Meeting icons entry from Desktop Icon List.

Noticed module names are listed multiple times, see pic, is that correct?

@neilLasrado got it …frappe add 1 entry per user that added module to the desktop

Would be nice to add a field in Desktop Icon Doctype with the username related to that icon, possible?

Thx again

Not something which we are looking planning to implement at the moment. Raise a feature request on GitHub or else send a pull request :slight_smile: