Removing old serial numbers

We have one of our primary products set up with batch and serial numbers. After using the system for some time, we can now see that we should remove batch numbers for the product.

However, we have a lot of serial numbers that are now connected to various material receipts, invoices, etc. that need to be removed so we can use them for the new product type.

There are multiple potential options - none of which we can figure out howIts to implement:

  1. Simply remove the batch no. for the existing product
  2. Migrate serial numbers to the new product without batch no.
  3. Delete serial numbers in a simple way - without having to locate and delete every single pcs of documentation connected to it.

Thank you in advance

Hello and welcome to the forum,

If there are not too many items then you can remove stock of the batch items and disable those while creating the same items as new items without batch and uploading the inventory back to the new item codes.

You can manipulate it from sql by removing the whole inventory for the items you want to edit and then turn them into non batch items from sql script.
Not recommended but possible.