Removing Powered by ERPNext from Website Settings does not work

Already saved, it doesn’t work, I changed the code later.

Try to do a bench restart, bench clear-cache and restart supervisor as well.

Often for me this fixes issues with settings not appearing immediately.

If you want to hide footer newsletter signup, then it is removed, just like in your screenshot.

I think our industry is selling implementation service to our customer? We never said we made the application itself to our leads, just solution.
So, what’s is the concern showing the name of product, while you are not selling the product, but selling the implementation service?

Sincerely, I apologise because I didn’t understand not even a thing you wrote :slight_smile:

Your mistake as well as many others around here, is to believe that on this forum everyone is a programmer. You are mistaken. I am a business owner and I speak according to my industry and my local but international market as well.

Take your heads out of the screens and look around, some people, myself, don’t give a penny about your fight between open source endless and pointless war and whoever or whatever you’re fighting.

If you believe ERPNext is so amazing, close the open source and start selling if again you believe you have the brains for it. But, stop harassing people with the same replies whenever we ask how to do something with this system… in this case, the branding which is of course on everyone’s concern at least at the beginning of making use of erpnext.

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@yuan_lu, after installing erpnext, you can hide it from “apps/erpnext/erpnext/templates/includes/footer/footer_powered.html” this directory by simply doing with this css style="display: none;" into <a></a> tag. I am using master branch of erpnext.
I am sorry, I wanted to mention @yuan_lu rather than mentioning @Iulian_Olaru.


Thank you.

I will look into that. I need it specially for email notifications as we have several custom notifications running.

Cheers :beers:

You’re welcome as well.

Cheers :beers:

I’m sorry we get off on wrong foot, and assuming you are in a service provider business. Let us restart it again.

Why you as a business owner try to hide what ERP you use from your agents, suppliers, and partners?

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Be it propriety, ERPNext is amazing, you can’t take that away.

What is your reasoning here, perhaps you are misinformed?

To promote and contribute to this ‘free’ product and community is in our collective best interest but not yours too?

Fail to see support and respect that risks the end of this ideal and our shared investment.

That would cost your business no?

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Although this is not the point, I have supported ERPNext already from my part:

  1. Sponsored the WhatsApp integration developed by @federico_calvo
  2. Sponsored the new Link Multiselect developed by @szufisher
  3. Together with @szufisher we fixed that annoying bug that blocks you from opening links inside emails or custom links inside erpnext doctypes… @szufisherp please publish that fix also and make some prayers someone will merge it on GitHub.

So, let’s jump over the contribution part… remember how active I was reporting features released in v12 completely broken, AutoRepeat, Table Multiselect… I’ve dedicated my time to test and report these bugs, ignored for weeks at a time… made you upset as well along the way haha

@auliabismar indeed, let’s restart. Each and every business is different as well as each and every industry, containing people with different points of view with different beliefs that power their business ideas.

As my business view is, for which I am entitled and can’t be judged for, I prefer to keep my internal systems as hidden as possible. If we would have to go into the details of why perhaps we would need to write novels…

It’s an opinion for which I feel the community is aggressive upon because of all this talk about open source. And, if this is what open source means, I prefer to see ERPNext as a SaaS for which I am happy to pay whatever the price because indeed it is an amazing system…

Once again, it’s a preference and same like a lot of personal pleasures, same as passions actually, nobody can judge that. Me, I prefer to hide from everyone what type of systems I am using, done!

In other words, perhaps the narrative needs to change. We are using ERPNext to power businesses and I didn’t realize that ERPNext is selecting which businesses it supports depending on whether or not it’s hiding the “powered by”. Otherwise, make guidelines, “stop asking about hiding the powered by erpnext, businesses interested in this feature are not welcome”… that’s how I feel as a “client” and “user” of erpnext…


Excellent news kudos for your support - you have scratched your own itch so everyone benefits!

You must agree this is a constant challenge that at times is a rewarding one - the software side but also the human side. On the one hand, to have to seek answers when you are stuck. But also too for anyone to respond to try to offer help - so ideally the questioner learns to help themselves - can be an extreme exercise.

As for whether one ‘believes’ in closed or open source? Well, those who report back bugs, volunteer their forum help or contribute fixes as you have done, earn some satisfaction from the long term, wide reaching benefit of the latter.

In a closed source world, open source only makes sense, particularly in economic terms to level the playing field. Competition is ALWAYS healthy - a strong opponent means a good game so all users win and have options


Not sure if its the right thread - but I would like to request that we remove the part that was recently added - Software for… in our case it shows Powered by ERPNext (ok with this) - ERP Software for Distribution Companies (not ok with this as it allows ERPNext to infringe on our message / imply something about our business). We started as a distribution company but moving into manufacturing our own brands and do not want our consumers to think of us as a trader / distributor. Would like that part to be editable or allow for a neutral option. Any half interested potential customer ERP will know what ERP means… and the one sentence does not capture the full depth of all of ERPNext capabilities - it actually restricts the message that ERPnext is just software for distribution companies (example). How about Financial, Education, Healthcare?

How about “Powered by ERPNext - ERP Software for Amazing Companies”? :slight_smile:


I may be mistaken but I recently observed this as well and I think it’s new. However, I must add it looks strange because it’s kind SEO driven concept … perhaps it’s fine to write powered by erpnext but not that fine to do it without notice. It’s like there’s no control :slight_smile:

Just feedback… take it as you wish.

The “Hide Footer Signup” hides the newsletter signup on the website as shown below.

It is not meant for hiding the “Powered by ERPNext…” line.


refer this link
Please watch it on youtube.


Already tried, it doesn’t work

This method is ok but when updating bench getting following msg -

Cannot proceed with update: You have local changes in app “erpnext” that are not committed.

Here are your choices:

  1. Merge the erpnext app manually with “git pull” / “git pull --rebase” and fix conflicts.
  2. Temporarily remove your changes with “git stash” or discard them completely
    with “bench update --reset” or for individual repositries “git reset --hard”
  3. If your changes are helpful for others, send in a pull request via GitHub and
    wait for them to be merged in the core.
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