Removing some columns on Purchase invoice hard-copy


I want to print hard copies of my purchase invoices but there are columns that I do not want to
be visible on the printed-purchase-invoice.

So I did a bit of reading , and found a doc that is suggesting that I click the “Customise” button
just before printing. But then it asks me–

When I enter a name, it creates a new entry under “Print format” and when I edit that, I
seem to be editing the format of the way the Purchase Invoice is displayed when completing
a purchase invoice.

I am missing something. If someone can get me back on the tracks please.


If you scroll down you see

Click on Select Column and you see something like this

Remove them as much as you want

Thank you very much @centaur for taking the time !

I can now change my printing format !

Just for the sake of someone else that may battle with this, I have spent a minute to make a few screen-shots …

Enter a new format name

Edit the new Print Format

Go to “Items” and click on “Select Columns”

select columns you want visible

select the new print format