Removing user defaults from getting set as default filters on list view

Default list view filters have often been causing of many confusion and annoying behavior. E.g. If you clear all filters and reload the page, default filters come back. This is because it’s applied from “user defaults” (like your default company)

I’ve proposed a change to remove this behavior and always respect the user’s last filters. The new order of preference would be:

  1. Query parameters (refer: feat(UX)!: always sharable URLs on List/Report/Kanbanview by ankush · Pull Request #17072 · frappe/frappe · GitHub )
  2. User’s last used filters
  3. list view settings. ← this you’ll rarely reach since last saved filters are always present.
  4. user defaults applied to filter fields ← this will go away now.

Detailed explanation with video of both behaviour is present on PR:

I just wanted to know what everyone else felt about this:

  • Yes, remove user defaults as default filter
  • No, keep them.

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This has often annoyed me.
Great PR and excellent idea, @ankush. :100: