Rename english doctype and label

Let’s say I’m using a single language ‘en’, so both System Settings and User settings are set to ‘en’.

Can I still use the translation to rename some english Doctype and labels ?

For example, I’d like to rename ‘Batch’ doctype label to ‘Lot’.

I tried creating record in Translation doctype, targeting ‘en’, but it is not picked up.

I tried creating a translations/en.csv file with my renames, but it is not working.

Please advise, thanks.

Yes. You can create a translation for these.

Hmm I could not make it work using Translation doctype…
Thanks for the feedback, I will try again

What is your System Settings language ? And User setting language ?
Both to ‘en’ ?

Both are ‘en’.

Make sure that in the source text you haven’t left some space after Batch.

Ha ! That was it, some trailing space left in the source text.
Many thanks !!