Rename Item code - bulk update

Hi Team,

I am trying to bulk rename of Item code. For this I was trying to use “Rename Tool”. I have prepared Attach.csv file in below format.

While uploading, getting below error message.

Can someone please help me .

Satish Aralkar

I think it is connected with this issue. System seems to upload attachments twice automatically · Issue #11737 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Thanks Umair,

Can you suggest some workaround. Also please let me know the correct CSV file format . Thanks .



Excel file remains same. The message shown is only a notification. An Item should still get renamed successfully. Can you please check and confirm that?

Hi Umair, Thanks for your reply.

I tried once again but the same error message. I checked item ID but it is not changed.

Let me tell you my main problem, I have uploaded Items more than 5000. All Items are uploaded in system but there are some items which are not getting added in Quotation. Getting below error.

When I analyzed the issue, I observed that for Items which character lenght is up 69, there is no issue. Characters 70 and more than 70 are getting above issue.

Kindly suggest any solution. Thanks.

Satish Aralkar

Hi @satisharalkar

Trust you’re doing well. I can confirm that the actual renaming works fine despite the wrong validation message.

Please confirm how many rows are in the file you attached for renaming (it should not be more than 500 at once). If you try the renaming again with less than 500 rows and it still doesn’t work, then it might be the character length of the Item Code that is also preventing the successful renaming

Please remember to reload after trying the renaming again

Kind regards,

Hi @umair

Trust you’re doing great. Have you been able to validate the issue with Item Codes longer than 69 characters as described by @satisharalkar in his last post? If this is indeed correct then users should not be allowed to create Item Codes longer than 69 characters in the first place!

Please help look into this


Not validated till now. @ManasSolanki can you please check into it?