Rename items via CSV

We are re-coding many of our stock items. We can do this manually no problem, but we have a few hundred to do. So i thought about the data import tool.

I have the CSV file like this:

The import goes well without errors

Now when I look to use those items it the old code that is still recognised

The Item list has the new code:

But when I click into the item, it looks like the name has changed, but when I click to rename it shows the old code

Clicking “Rename” sorts everything out, but I need that to happen from the Csv upload. Ideas?

Hi @Ron_Taylor,

Seems item name has renamed not code, don’t use data import tool to rename the records. We have rename tool for it, type rename tool in the search bar

Select doctype as Item, make csv file with two column old item code, new item code and upload in the rename tool

Thanks, Rohit


@rohit_w Now that is a better solution, thanks