Rename salutation

Hi all,

this seems like a very small issue, but it is still strange: If I want to allow a System Manager to rename a salutation (e.g. typo corrections, …), I need to leave the standard branch, because rename is disabled for Salutation (and I cannot customize allow_rename to 1, can only change the doctype, which leaves me with a change in source).

I have tried to change it with a custom script

frappe.ui.form.on("Salutation", {
  refresh: function(frm) {"Rename"), function() {

function rename(frm) {
        {'fieldname': 'salutation', 'fieldtype': 'Data', 'label': 'Salutation', 'reqd': 1}  
        cur_frm.set_value('salutation', values.salutation);
        cur_frm.set_value('name', values.salutation);

but to no success.

Is there any known workaround to renaming (and I don’t mean delete and create a new one)? Is there a reason, rename is deactivated (otherwise, I’ll be more than happy to send in a PR)?

Affects Frappe/ERPNExt v10.1.xx