Rename Tool - Limitations

Hi all,

Just want to begin this note stating that I’m not complaining. My heart is overflowing with gratitude for this awesome free tool called ERPNext that you can download and install for free - not just for yourself, but for your clients too. :slight_smile: Okay, not that I have got that out of the way, here goes:

I’ve seen strange things happening with the rename tool. Like just now I was checking on a ver 12 instance where I’d renamed the system generated Employee IDs and I see that the Attendance records are still sitting with the old ID. And when I go see at the database level, I see that name field of the Employee record has changed to the new value, however, the employee field has still the same value.

[update]: Like the attendance record uses the renamed ID, but the Employee Attendance Tool is still picking up the old ID.[/update]

There are other places I see this problem too, so my question to the community:

What has been your experience with the rename tool. If everyone contributes, I will summarize that into a document and publish it here. And maybe the document will inspire some developer to fix the Rename feature.



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Yes, I have noticed this as well.

I am curious as to why this happens. Typically, at the DB level - we store the master ID for transactional records. When you change attributes, like name / number etc, there is no impact. It looks like ERPnext generates an ID based on name + Company Abbrev. This is stored on transaction records eg - (Domestic Creditors - CSPL)

When you change the name the generated ID does not seem to change. So on the transactional/child record, the old name persists.

I think this is how it works.