Renaming customer to tax payer

Can some please show me how i can rename the desktop icon called “Customer” to “Tax Payer”.And i will want this change to affect all documents where customer is mentioned in ERPnext.In the environment where i am about to install ERPnext ,customers there are called Tax Payers .

Hello, try going to set up / translation. create new one Source Data: Customer Translated : tax payer. save and reload.

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@Randy_Lowery I did what you advised but the customer did not changed to Tax Payer after reloading.However i saw under the space for Source Data an advice that the source data should be pasted in HTLM code with the tag.
How do i get the HTLM code with the tag?

Take a look at below pictures, you can check the before and after. If you reload and cant see the change try clearing the cache from browser or changing to another language and the changin again to your default one.

@Randy_Lowery Thanks for your effort.I discovered the translation affected some parts while in majority areas where ‘customer’ is mentioned in the ERPnext,‘customer’ still remained ‘customer’:no change.
What i want is holistic change.
kindly help