Renaming doctype

Hello All,
  I have to change name of customer Doctype to Subscriber is it possible?  Replacing all "Customer" with "Subscriber" and "tabCustomer" to "tabSubscriber"  will work?

Gangadhar kadam
Hi Gangadhar,

Renaming Customer DocType without understanding its impact is analogous to fiddling with the Linux kernel without understanding it. Are you sure you want to dive into such murky waters?

Why would you want to rename a DocType? Even we do it cautiously. 

Things will break. We won't be able to help you out when they do. Updates will be a headache. Eventually, you will give up on the updates. In sum, a maintenance nightmare.

Maybe the question itself is baseless. If you elaborate what you are trying to do, we might be able to suggest you a much better and maintainable solution.



Like Anand said, don't rename DocTypes - they will screw up the system.

We plan on making a DocType renaming feature in the upcoming release (approx 1 month) - if you can wait till then, please do.

The scheme is:

1. Make  Property Setter for DocType "label" property.
2. In Form, Listviews, Search, Report - where ever doctype is printed, replace by function "get_doctype_label"
3. In, load all DocType labels.

If you can do this yourself, please go ahead.

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Is this feature available now?

Yes renaming document feature is available

@nirjhar No DocType labels are not yet implemented.

Are there any updates on the rename doctype feature?

I need to change the customer doctype to patient, means all i wish to show the customer label as patient everywhere the customer doctype coming, even in the link field (+create new customer (my label, ie patient. )) .Hope u got me.
Please help me I am a beginner in erpNext.

@rmehta @JoEz Here, I can see. Same issue was raised by Gangadhar Shaktiman. Still there is no progress for this issue. Issue raised Apr, 13 and now Apr, 17.

5th Year, ahead. :cold_sweat:

@rmehta Any updates on this? I also raised my query at > Updated DocType Def, Cleared cache, Bench Restart, Still Not refleceted - #4 by JoEz