Renaming item name doesn't update the item name in the submitted transaction


I created some items and made stock entry by creating Material Receipts. I then renamed an item name. When I check the stock entry (submitted Material Receipt) I still see the old item name in there. Doesn’t the item name update the already submitted transaction once the item name is renamed?

Item code: RM-0001
Item Name: Old Item 1
Made stock entry by creating Material Receipt and submitted. Material receipt has item name as “Old Item 1”.
I then change the item name to “New Item 1” by going to the Item Master and updating the Item name for item code: RM-0001.
When I open the Material Receipt that was previously submitted the Item name was still showing as “Old Item 1”.
How can I have the item name in the material receipt changed to “New Item 1”? Any help would be appreciated.

Values are fetched from Masters when you create Transactional Documents like Material Request/Stock entry. Once the transactional documents are submitted, it is frozen, it does not fetch anything from the masters.

The recommended way is to cancel, amend and make required changes and Submit.

You may also change the values in DB after the Doctype is submitted but this method is not recommended, to be used only if you know the effects on other Doctypes and are sure what you are doing.

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Thank you for the quick response. What you said makes sense. I will cancel and resubmit those stock entries. Thanks again!