Renaming the Core Doctype

Hi everyone,

I’d like to rename the core doctype “Project” to “Program” for better clarity. However, I understand that core doctypes are not directly editable.

I’ve been exploring ways to achieve this and came across the concept of exporting the doctype, making the necessary changes in the exported file, and then importing it back. However, I’m unsure if this approach would actually rename the doctype on the server-side after uploading.

I’d greatly appreciate your insights on the following:

  • Is it possible to rename a core doctype through export/import or any other method? If so, could you please provide a detailed guide on the recommended approach?
  • Are there any potential risks or side effects I should be aware of when attempting to rename a core doctype?
  • Would there be a cleaner or more recommended way to achieve my goal of having a doctype named “Program”? Perhaps there are configuration options or custom doctypes that could be utilized?

I’ve searched the forums and documentation but haven’t found a clear answer on this specific scenario. Any guidance you can offer would be extremely helpful.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Additional Considerations:

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  • Attach relevant screenshots (optional): If applicable, include screenshots of the doctype or configuration settings you’re referring to for better context.
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For that case, we suggest changing name via Customize Form, so please check it.

I will automatically apply the entire erpnext (Project → Program) without any problem. And it’s searchable too. But don’t change the name in the database.

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But how to export this or add in fixtures and make it availiable when installed on new site??


This worked for me time ago but … i don’t know why is not working now …

Hi @Sudhanshu,

When you save the Customize Form of the Project then it will create a record in the Translation doctype. so you have to export the Translation using the fixtures.

Hi @av,

Which version? :thinking:

We tested recently in v15 and v14 latest. Please check it.


Thanks for the help…