Rendering a barcode using HTML

After my previous thread about barcode printing I came across this:

That got me very excited as I thought I might be able to embed something similar in a HTML type Custom field and print that on the Standard Sales Order Print Format.

Can anyone with some coding experience indicate if this might work as intended?

As a word of warning in my testing I’ve managed to “break” the customise form layout - no fields below that field now display and I can’t delete the script field as shown - no rubbish icon. A reset to defaults doesn’t even work :frowning: it just moves that field to the end of the list.


Found this one too!

(MIT Licensed too)

Maybe we can add a new field of type “Barcode” that will automatically create the barcode.

Let me add this to V5 :smile:

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@rmehta big thanks for adding to v5. I also found this one which looks promising but I’m yet to get my head around the coding and what I need to do to get it working within a Custom Print format. Which forum area would be best to ask such questions in???


The barcode feature is an excellent idea. Ver.5 is starting to look excellent.
Great work guys.