Rent items in erpnext

hello all,
is there way to rent items in erpnext and keep track of it
for example i need to know at some point where item is and rented to which customer
and return date of item

Thank you very much.

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Yes this tool would be ideal for you purposes -

A forum search on for example ‘rental’ or ‘lease’ ‘asset tracking’ and so on will give you insight and ideas what others have done.

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i have tried but no result shown

This results in 29 threads for me Search results for 'rental' - ERPNext Forum

You say you get none!?


nothing has the same scenario that i need

i need to mark item it self as rentable item so after that
i need to make rent schedule for that item
and assign customer to it to keep track of it

So you have explored this tool and appreciate that it can be customized if not implemented to suit your precise needs?

@alsum rentable items, works same as Comodato or Lending

You need product bundles for that.
The procedure will be as follow:

Create one Renting Item, for keep track of the Renting income
Create one Product Bundle over the Renting, including the Renting Products
Make Delivery Note, over the Renting Item, to the Customer, 
   on the Product Bundle Item, on delivery note, put your 
   "Rented Item's warehouse", it will move the Items, from your 
    normal warehouse to the renting warehouse.
Also, consider that the delivery note should have the full amount of 
  the renting contract eg: 
    - Contract months 12
    - Montly Income: 400 USD
    - Delivery Note Amount: 4800
Next Create the Sales Invoice (from the delivery note) for the Next month
   and adjust the values for the montly income and define that as recurring 

When the Contract ends, you only need to make one Stock Movement
   from the `Renting Warehouse` to your normal wharehouse.

This looks like what I’m looking for as well! Thanks for detailing this.

One question:
In your scenario, does the “Product Bundle” contain the “Renting Item”? or is the “Renting Item” a separate item, and where is it used?

This thread can be useful to you