Contribution for Module of Renting and Service Booking System

We want to create a module for renting system to manage all renting items with booking, delivery, return item, prevent duplicate booking on same date and other needed report
I’m inviting developer who want to join and any other person who can help with design architecture of module


Creating Booking System App for Renting business
Any one have suggestion can contribute their idea here
Here is App Repo: GitHub - Khatavahi-BI-Solutions/bookingapp: Booking Service App

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Created Book Service Document for book any type of service (Physical or digital) for particular time interval


Sounds Cool

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Features Added Currently:
Calculate Service Quantity using UOM(Hourly and Daily) and delivery date and return date
Doctype for Book Service
Doctype for Book Service Setting

Hi all ,
first of all good job my friend Jigar
secondly , i almost did same like you
i added custom field to item named Is_rental_item (Check Box)
and in Quotation i added in order type (Rent)
and tried to move in in sales order to make difference between sales and rent all the way to the integration with other apps like (Accounts ,Stock …etc)
i don’t know what i`m doing is right or wrong
but you can help me :slight_smile:

Hello @MiM
I’m happy to hear from you.
I make two item 1) To manage Stock 2) Service Item to manage invoicing of service of rent item
when you enable Booking Item Check box from item master system will automatically create 2) service item in background which we can use for invoicing
Here Stock item UOM will be Nos for managing stock transition
and Service item UOM will be Day or Hour for which we charge customer
So this way we can manage all thing without changing processe of service domain

After Creating Service item you can book or rent service item from Book Service Doctype and Make bill against Book Service Doctype(Not Yet Devloped but will done soon)
Hope This will help you!
Thank you for Using GitHub - Khatavahi-BI-Solutions/bookingapp: Booking Service App

Best Regards
Jigar Tarpara


very useful app

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@Jigar_Tarpara good idea to contribute. Start with a detailed proposal with design decisions and mockups to get help / feedback.

Check this post: Preparing a Contribution Proposal · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub


Sure I will post detailed proposal with design decisions

Github Issue Open for Proposal: Module of Renting and Service Booking System · Issue #15512 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

This is a very bare-bones proposal, you need to spec out what fields each doctype will have and what will the screens look like. Also list out the business logic at each step. Preparing a Contribution Proposal · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub

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Hi. This sounds good design for car rental industry. Has any further updates happened? Last commit was 3 months back on Git.

Thank you.

I like the Idea. I’ll make time to contribute.

very good initiative indeed. This feature could help with many scenarios form renting out machinery, vehicles, to a hotel business or the healthcare module (booking rooms/beds for patients) or even just help with internal processes like availability of certain tools.

some thoughts regarding functionality:

  1. rental start/stop period time needs to be more precise then a complete day (maybe it should be possible to define the rental period precision per specific item).

  2. there need to be a setting which defines a maintenance time between return and next rental availability.
    Example: you rent out a room in a hotel … checkout is happening at 10:00 am. Then you’ll need time to maintain then room (aka clean it) to make it ready for the next visitor to move in. This maintenance time can be quite different depending on the actual item rented out, so this maintenance period length must be able to be defined per item.

  3. maybe not only customers but also employees should be able to rent an item (like a tool that is shared within the organization)

plaid a little bit with this (v11) and can’t really figure out how these two objects work together. I think it would be a great boost to the project whether @Jigar_Tarpara could provide a detailed example (step by step) how to go rent out a booking item. At the moment it’s difficult to comment on the functionality cause it’s unclear how it is supposed to work.

Thank you all for your suggestion and feedback
I will share detail working of app till tomorrow evening

no need to rush, just because we woke up after months :slight_smile: @Jigar_Tarpara .
Still it would be awesome to make progress with this.

Let us know how we can help (seems @adam26d even could help with coding, if I understand him correctly)


I’m a Frappe Framework beginner. I can code though. I know for certain I can help design and refine the requirements. With some help, I would like to help with the coding too.


Basic Introduction Document