Reocurring email bug causing multiple duplicate emaisl to be sent

hi all,

i am using ERPNext(v15) hosted on FrappeCloud. Running into a bug that seems to have been brought up and supposedly resolved…but it seems to be reoccurring for me.

When I email a customer a sales quotation(or any other form), it will send the email perfectly fine through my email provider service. However, if I CC any of my team members, it will send 1 + n(n= number of CC recipients) emails to EVERY recipient.

Recently, this meant that my sales quotation which was sent out to ONE customer email with 3 team members CCd, was actually sent out as 4 emails to each recipient, including the customer. that means 16 emails were sent out which is pretty ridiculous.

Can someone from the ERPNext team please help with this? ERPNext email bulk sending notification issue · Issue #34308 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub is the original bug and it was closed and marked as complete when it appears there has not actually been a resolution.