[REOPENED] Simulate accounting documents

Hi there,
is there anyone else who see the value of simulating accounting documents before submitting them?

Could you explain what you mean by simulating?

That is to see the documents to be produced let them be stock or account before submitting your actual document.

You can preview the document before submitting by clicking on the printer icon on the top right corner.

It even marks it as “Draft”.

@H_N Thanks. Never known that.

That is not the complete solution. The printing documents are simulated, this is fine but the ledger entries are not and that is what I am looking for.

Am not sure their is any accounting solution that does this.

I stand to be corrected

Several do. e.g. SAP Library - Mixed Documentation


Great idea.

We learn everyday


Oh this is awesome. If we can get this into ERPNext that will go a long way for improvements. I have always disliked the submit → cancel → append process when a simple “check and look before submit” would be available.

@James please see this thread [Feature Proposal] Improving Document Control - #8 by jai_kejriwal

A submit checklist would be a logical first step before a full preview IMO.

Oh that is cool. Looking forward to seeing that make it into ERPNext. I really struggle with workflows. I know they are powerful, but getting them to work is a total PITA.