Reorder level and reorder qty

I set up my reorder level at 2000 with reorder qty at 120. Current inventory is less than 2000, I received an auto materials request but with quantity of 2000 ( wasn’t it suppose at 120?), and it keep sending the request for 3 days including weekend. I currently have 3 materials request on same item with total of 6000 stated on projected inventory. Doesn’t anyone have this issue? if so, please advise the solution.

We are not able to replicate this issue… which version are you on?

Hi @jaichavan This is still an issue in V11. Tested on multiple builds including latest build. Same issue. MR is being made daily of same item. After a few days when PO is made system is adding all the MR of previous days and giving high number of units.

Havent tested on V12 so not sure if this was fixed.