Repack Value Difference

Previously in V6, when doing repack…total incoming and outgoing value is always same upon save…This is correct when using FIFO…

But now after saved, there’s difference between incoming and outgoing value…

Is this new design? But I think incoming value should be same with outgoing rate in repack


In the repack entry, you should not enter valuation rate or basic rate for the repacked item. The valuation of packed item will be copied as a valuation of repacked item automatically. I just tried to replicate this in my test account as well, and found it working fine.

Did you enter valuation/basic rate for the repacked item? If yes, that could be the cause for the difference in the valuation.

I didn’t enter basic rate…i mean the target item. Before target item value is same with source item upon save.

Now there’s always difference amount due to target item is filled with its valuation rate …not source item value

How much is the difference? Can you share the screenshot?