Repack with subcontract

i send a length of material to subcontract
he cuts it and send it back to me
10 mts of steel rod
10 pieces of it come back to me
i know i can do this in repack in stock entry
but how do i link this with a subcontract(supplier)
since the above operation is carried out at the subcontracts end

Please check following link to know about subcontracting.


  2. ERPNext - Subcontracting - YouTube

Thanks for the reply nabinhait

i have gone through the subcontract module thoroughly
let me explain the scenario
i buy a aluminum rod of 3000mm length priced at 3000Rs
stock entry takes place (purchase order, material receive)
the stock ledger shows the same( 1 qty of the above)

now this has to go to subcontract for cutting and it returns to me as 10 nos as two different items (5 nos of A and B each)
the labour cost per cutting is 10 Rs…per piece… total labour cost is 1000Rs
i should be able to raise a bill of 1000Rs
material rcvd should be updated in stock as item A @ 5nos and item B @ 5nos
how do i handle this

in Bom, i have
Bom item A
material reqd is AL ROD 3000
Bom item B
material reqd is AL ROD 3000

i raise a po for the below and submit
item A - 05 nos
item B - 05 nos

i raise a material transfer
i am able to select only item A or Item B for transfer

in the accounting ledger…
the material value supplied to subcontract is 3000
the labour cost if the vendor is 1000
the ledger shows a balance of 2000

any inputs on the above

I raise a material transfer here, I am able to select only item A or Item B for transfer.

In the Material Transfer entry, you should select AL ROD item, and not the Item A and Item B.

In the accounting ledger, valuation of finished item should be calculated as:

1. Raw material cost: 3000
2. Labour cost: 1000

Total valuation of finished item should be 4,000.

To confirm the same, please check Stock Ledger report for the Purchase Receipt, made against Purchase Order of sub-contracting.

H Umair
Thanks for the reply