Repacked Item to have different value


I want to repack one item, but I want the target item to have different value than source item.

E.g. Item X (source) is $100, Item Y (target) to become $50. And I want the difference should be posted to stock adjustment account.

But I don’t have the idea how to apply this within repack entry??? Target item value always follows source item value…I want to repack it to have different value…

Anybody can help?


Use Additional Costs to post the difference

@rmehta Additional cost is about to add extra costs, but how to set target item to have ‘less/smaller’ value than source item??

In my point of view , this repack entry should be flexible for users to set target items to have ‘less’ values …this will help a lot in many business scenarios…
E.g. User wants to repack ‘wasted’ product to ‘other UOM’ with ‘less’ value…

I just don’t understand why this repack entry design locks target item to have exact ‘same’ value as source item (upon save)?? On the other hand, the form allows difference account to be set…

Why not able to set ‘less value’ for repacked item?

Can you make -ve entry in additional cost.

Negative entry didn’t work. It shown “…total repacked item cannot be less than total of raw material…”

This validation should be removed…cause in reality repacked item value is not always the same with source item value.

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@jof2jc this should fix it. [fix] remove validation to disallow lower rate by rmehta · Pull Request #4091 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Would have been so much easier if you would have mentioned upfront that there was a validation to stop this!