Repacking Account Error

Hi, While repacking our items, we are getting huge accounting error.
E.g. Below:

  1. Below is screenshot of repack entry. As you can see there is difference in incoming and outgoing but that only rs 1.5K

  1. Below is the general ledger entry created. As you cna see stock adjustment of whopping Rs 75.5K is done.

Please help! What are we doing wrong?


We have pushed a fix for this issue. May I know which ERPNext account you are working on?

Current ERPNext version in production is v9.2.16 (master). If not updated, please upgrade and check again.

Thanks Umair for your update. Yes I believe we are on older version.
We will try to upgrade and see the outcome. Which ERP version this change
might have been pushed in?

Hi @umair,

Can you please tell us in which version this change is pushed? Currently, we can’t migrate complete version due to some dependencies. Please mention the version number so that we can merge that part of code into our system. This is very important for us. Please help.

This issue has been fixed on the master branch, via Hotfix.