Repair Management System

Hi, Hopefull erpnext can be add one more module or feature it called Repair Management System. the feature is like we have customer laptop is broken in software and we as company provide the repair notebook with our technical engineer. in this feature will have some data like what a model or type the costumer hardware, serial number, note of problem, who is technical engineer repairing thats our customer hardware, whats status(maybe like . repaired,canceled, ready, on progres), whats solution will take by our technical engineer, the number or repair, time, and ofcourse the customer data will show in this feature, yeah if it will become true of this feature maybe who use of erp next will growth higly because in some countries the company who have repair service build this software with internal programmer because maybe if they buy this fearture realy expensive. thanks before.

@_antonio Take a look into “Maintenance Schedule”, “Maintance Visit” and “Warrantly Claim”

yeah, i have take a look at . maintenance schedule but thats feature not like what i imagine, and i have stuck with this notice i did’nt know what this problem

@_antonio into the table, it have one field, to you put the number of visits!

For my case, I pre-defined this as 1 by default.

The maintenance schedule, will just generate the schedule of maintenances.
The doctype, that describe, the Work Done and other things is “Maintenance Visit”

oh i see, i will try it. thanks for sharing.