Replace erpnext keyword

How can I replace erpnext keyword with our company’s name in whole platform, how to solve this problem?

You can change login logo, powered by… and most of the other stuff from templates folder of frappe app. But frappe team is mostly against removing their branding.

This app might help you.


@Maheshwari_Bhavesh, Great work,

if possible add this feature.

Sure @Suresh_Thakor

Added @Suresh_Thakor

How do i get Help & others back, the app has done below which i dont want.

Hide Help Menu
Update onboard steps for remove video and documentation link(Version13)
also where do i upload the logo to replace the login page image & the brand icon on the desk Navbar

hi mohmmed
use below hooks in your custom application

app_logo_url = "/assets/hof/images/hof-logo.svg"

email_brand_image = "/assets/hof/images/hof-favicon.png"

website_context = {

    "favicon":  "/assets/hof/images/hof-favicon.png",

    "splash_image": "/assets/hof/images/hof-logo.svg"

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that app is for full whitelabel. I will add option to ignore all this type of changes once i get good time to work on that.
If you want back all that just do

  1. Uninstall that app from your site
  2. bench update --reset.

If you want to change only logo then erpnext version13 have navbar setting there you can set your logo.