Replacement items in purchase


We are producing some electronic devices, and so we have some items that can have multiple manufacturers and vendors, ie, film resistors. So I purchase from various vendors with their SKU and MPN based on availability/pricing. Throughout the system would like to keep one item id, but only in material procurement, I would like to see the options where to source these parts. What would be the optimal solution for this?

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You should add manufacturers as a Supplier. Here is how you can track Supplier Item Code and fetch it into transactions.


Thank You for the answer. This solution would work in 90% of the cases but is a bit problematic with electrnoics.
Real world example would be:
Item: C 0402 220pF 5% 50V NPO
Replacement 1: Murata - GRM1555C1H221JA01J
Replacement 2: Taiyo - UMK105CG221JV-F

Let’s take one vendor Mouser:
Replacement 1 code would be: 81-GRM1555C1H221JA1J
Replacement 2 code would be: 963-UMK105CG221JV-F

In this case, the manufacturer part number and vendor part number are systematic, but this is not the case always. It is good practice to have both in the purchase order to avoid errors.
Should I just expand on the Vendor table to add the MNFR and MPN columns, then I could I make the selection on the purchase order?

Thank You