Replenishment Screen customization request for quote


I’d like to add a screen to manufacturing similar to Odoo’s replenishment Screen in ver 14. Simple, intuitive and easier to understand the. ERPNext’s screen. I can send screen shots if need be. Looking for any interested to take on and a quote and timeline.

screen shot with your comments please

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I am looking to change or add a manufacturing menu entry, called MRP or Replenish. It will show all part #s with filtering possiblities at the top. It will then show rows by part # showing on hand, forecast, if its a make or purchased part, if there are any min / max quantities, and To Order. If it then can have a quick field to place a PO, or Manufacturing Order. See the sceen shot attached.


DDMRP will be the ultimate solution , I am still working on this custom APP, still in the early internal trial run stage, please stay tuned.


Do you have a planned timeline?

Let me know if and how I can help. Rob