Replicating Access Database Stock into ERPNext

Can someone guide me and suggest how i can replicate the current set up on ms access database for stock into erpnext especially the SKU/ Item Code piece.

Picture below of what I am trying to achieve.

The Material Reference has codes attached to it example Brown paper is BRW, Carbonless Copy Paper is NCR etc

This should be easily doable with custom fields and some custom doctypes:

Did I miss something?

@Tanuj_Haria if you would like to extract the maximum value of ERPNext, the best way is using the standard things!

Check the mapping below:

  • SKU → Item Code
  • Country_of_Origin → Country of Origin
  • Agerage Weight → Weight
  • Comments → Comments on the bottom of the page

The fields like (Reel or Sheet, Reel Width, Sheet Width, Sheet Leght, Colour), I strongly suggest you to use “Variants” and “Item Attributes” where “Reel or Sheet” determine the “Template Item” and the other fields are they respective attributes.

Those GSM and Sheet_Packing fields, I did not got the meaning of that field, so, with a brief of your explanation we can guide you.

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Thanks Morais,

When I am using variants - i am not able to see the values of my numerical fields but am seeing the value of the fields where i already set the attribute to selected.

@Tanuj_Haria yes

Yes, that’s the way ERPNext works, it dont will generate “temporary” sku’s, you need or to create all the one you need in advance, or create they as they are needed!