Reply-to email behaving differently in v12 from v11 - changes that might explain this?


I am migrating our company from v11 to v12 right now and noticed something when sending e-mails which I can’t seem to solve.

Here ist wht I want:
I want a e-mail account issue@ which is used for auto-creating issues. When sending an e-mail from an issue I wan’t the user to be the sender and replies@ to be flagged with reply-to instead of issue@.

Reason beeing, that they often tend to put that address in CC when e-mailing one of our employees. This leeds to duplicates which need to be handled. issue@ is not supposed to be known to customers and shouldn’t be visible to him at any time.

I noticed this works for all documents where there is no auto-creation set. So the same problem occurs when sending mails from an opportunity (sales@).

Though in v11 this used to work. Have there been any changes on this matter?

This will work on outgoing, it does not work for the way back though. Replied e-mails are not attached to the specific location.

This prob didn’t change. We didn’t use to send e-mails from Issue but from a custom DocType.

I do not see the need to have this overridden though…