Report Alignment Issue

We have convert our erpnext Application to Arabic for my client, All work fine but reports alignment for reports is not well formed.

Is there any solution which i should adjust to make report properly aligned as it is properly aligned in english.

Welcome to ERPNext - I am not familiar but maybe check these for pointers? Search results for 'RTL' - ERPNext Forum

@Farrukh This issue is resolved in both v11 and v12 via the following PRs

Which version you are on and what issue exactly are you facing? Can you post a GIF or screenshot.

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Thanks for your Reply. you can see screenshot.

This is the problem which i am facing, i create a new report. it works fine in english but when i change language from english to Arabic. this thing happen. i did not found any solution. kindly help me to fix this issue.

This issue is still happening in V12 exactly like the above screenshot, any updates??